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Line Route 331 (Dan)

Bnei Brak - Hazon Ish Marom Neve

Tel Aviv Yafo - Karmelit
Station  Arrival Time   Departure Time 
Bnei Brak - Hazon Ish Marom Neve   0.00 
Ramat Gan - Yerushalayim Boulevard Khazon Ish    
Ramat Gan - HaRo'e Shderot Yerushaalyim    
Ramat Gan - Dereck Negba HaRo'e    
Ramat Gan - HaYarden Negba    
Ramat Gan - HaYarden Etsel    
Ramat Gan - HaYarden Pinhas    
Ramat Gan - HaYarden Aluf Sade    
Ramat Gan - Aluf Sadeh HaYarden    
Ramat Gan - Aluf Sadeh Derekh Itshak Rabin    
Ramat Gan - Aluf Sadeh Korazin    
Ramat Gan - Aluf Sadeh Oded/Har    
Tel Aviv Yafo - Darekh HaShalom HaMa'avak    
Tel Aviv Yafo - Darekh HaShalom דרך Hashalom    
Tel Aviv Yafo - Derekh HaTayasim Derekh Hashalom    
Tel Aviv Yafo - לה Guardia Derekh HaTayasim    
Tel Aviv Yafo - לה Guardia hAgibor HaAlmoni    
Tel Aviv Yafo - לה Guardia Sha'ar HaGay    
Tel Aviv Yafo - לה Guardia Yigal Allon    
Tel Aviv Yafo - לה Guardia HaMaapilim    
Tel Aviv Yafo - לה Guardia Interchange לה Guardia    
Tel Aviv Yafo - Haharash HaHagana    
Tel Aviv Yafo - Levinski New Central Station    
Tel Aviv Yafo - Levinski Har Tsiyon    
Tel Aviv Yafo - HaShomron Salomon    
Tel Aviv Yafo - Menachem Begin Road Allenby    
Tel Aviv Yafo - Allenby Sderot Rothschild    
Tel Aviv Yafo - Allenby Maze    
Tel Aviv Yafo - Allenby Shuk HaKarmel Market    
Tel Aviv Yafo - Alenbi Yona HaNavi    
Tel Aviv Yafo - Allenby Hayarkon    
Tel Aviv Yafo - Hanania Hayarkon    
Tel Aviv Yafo - Karmelit    

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