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Line Route 33 : טורעאן - מכללת עמק יזרעאל (G B Tours)

Tur'an - Local Council Square

Izre'el Valley - Local council Mizra
Station  Arrival Time   Departure Time   
Tur'an - Local Council Square   0.00  Boarding 
Tur'an - Kupat Holim     Boarding 
Tur'an - Takhanat טוטו Halil     Boarding 
Tur'an - Bank Mercantile     Boarding 
Tur'an - Tur'an Junction     Boarding 
Kibuts Beit Rimon - Bet Rimon Junction     Boarding 
Kafr Kanna - מעדון Pais Club     Boarding 
Kafr Kanna - Sports זריקי     Boarding 
Kafr Kanna     Boarding 
Kafr Kanna     Boarding 
Kafr Kanna - Near תצוגת Vehicle alef     Boarding 
Kafr Kanna - Mash'had Junction     Boarding 
Raina - ס Market Hagalil     Boarding 
Raina     Boarding 
Raina - תצוגת Abu Zeid ל     Boarding 
Raina - AlHar Car Accessories     Boarding 
Kfar Raina - Tamra Furniture Ballal     Boarding 
Raina - חנות Bulus     Boarding 
Nazereth - AlHanuk     Boarding 
Nazereth - נגריית Bnei מישל     Boarding 
Nazereth - Hospital Namsawi     Boarding 
Nazereth - Bas Saint Joseph     Boarding 
Nazereth - נזרין Super Pharm     Boarding 
Nazereth - Frank Sinatra     Boarding 
Nazereth - Bet HaYedidut     Boarding 
Nazereth - Office     Boarding 
Nazereth - HaGalil Hotel     Boarding 
Nazereth - National Insurance 3001     Boarding 
Nazereth - Takhanat Dor     Boarding 
Nazereth - Inbar אלשוקחה     Boarding 
Nazereth - Beit Kalya טבו טא     Boarding 
Natsrat Ilit - Gane Nazareth Hotel     Boarding 
Nazereth - Garage HaTsafon Dor     Boarding 
Nazereth - Branching מל Rennaisance     Boarding 
Nazereth - ל Even Amar     Boarding 
Nazereth - Bir Abu Gosh Nazareth     Boarding 
Nazereth - Bir Abu Jush     Boarding 
Iksal - Junction Iksal     Boarding 
Iksal - Junction 60     Boarding 
Izre'el Valley - Local council Mizra     Alighting 

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