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Line Route 334 : ריינה - טכניון-אוניברסיטת חיפה (G B Tours)

Haifa - On 2 Building G

Kfar Raina - Tamra Furniture Ballal
Station  Arrival Time   Departure Time   
Haifa - On 2 Building G   0.00  Boarding 
Haifa - Sderot Abba Hushi     Boarding 
Haifa - Abba Hushi Shindler     Boarding 
Haifa - Sa'id Restaurant ריסיטאל     Boarding 
Haifa - Kol Israel     Boarding 
Haifa - Trumpeldor     Boarding 
Haifa - At the Entry to the Tekhniyon)     Boarding 
Nesher - HaTekhnion 1     Boarding 
Nesher - HaTekhnion 2     Boarding 
Nesher - HaTekhnion 3     Boarding 
Haifa - Technion     Boarding 
Nesher - Park Amusements     Alighting 
Nesher - Darekh HaShalom Perets     Alighting 
Nesher - Tel Khanan Center     Alighting 
Nesher - Bar Yehuda Moshe     Alighting 
Nesher - Stadium     Alighting 
Yagur Junction     Alighting 
Zvulun - Hasidim Junction     Alighting 
Somekh Junction     Alighting 
Shefar'am - כניסת Shefar'am     Alighting 
Harduf - Harduf Junction     Alighting 
Bir Al Maksur     Alighting 
Alon HaGalil - Alon HaGalil Junction     Alighting 
HaMovil Junction     Alighting 
HaMovil Junction     Alighting 
Izre'el Valley - Near Takhanat Paz     Alighting 
Izre'el Valley - Dair Hanna opp Makhane     Alighting 
Hosha'ya - Hosha'ya Junction     Alighting 
Mash'had - Electricity Company     Alighting 
Kibuts Beit Rimon - Bet Rimon Junction     Alighting 
Kafr Kanna - מעדון Pais Club     Alighting 
Kafr Kanna - Sports זריקי     Alighting 
Kafr Kanna     Alighting 
Kafr Kanna     Alighting 
Kafr Kanna - Near תצוגת Vehicle alef     Alighting 
Kafr Kanna - Mash'had Junction     Alighting 
Raina - ס Market Hagalil     Alighting 
Raina - תצוגת Abu Zeid ל     Alighting 
Raina - AlHar Car Accessories     Alighting 
Kfar Raina - Tamra Furniture Ballal     Alighting 

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